Global Social Ventures

GIVE initiates social ventures designed to provide social benefits, including poverty alleviation, education, environmental sustainability, and urban economic development while generating income to help our programs become financially self-sustaining.

GIVE is currently partnering with NGOs in Manila, Philippines that serve poor residents in squatter communities. These initial projects are designed to become scalable models that can be implemented in poor urban communities around the world.

Below are current social venture projects in development:

Urban Entrepreneurship Center

GIVE is currently developing a community resource center project in Manila, Philippines. The Urban Entrepreneurship Center will be a community resource center providing business skills training, computer workshops, adult learning programs, financial literacy classes, employment counseling and other community services.

The center will also offer social skills training program to equip the poor with the ability to respond to natural and man-made calamities (e.g. flood, typhoon, fire, common illness). After undergoing the program, the recipients are expected to become responsible community leaders equipped with the necessary skills to organize socially responsible community activities.

Local skill based training will be emphasized, including fish, meat, and vegetable processing, IT technical vocational courses, and basic automotive mechanic skills training in partnership with local organizations and individuals who possess the technical resources to provide training.

Target Launch Date: January 2010

Socially Responsible Outsourcing

GIVE is partnering with a Manila-based NGO to develop a socially responsible outsourcing project that will provide business services to American companies and organizations. Our goal is to develop market-based solutions to global poverty that deliver both financial and social returns by providing marketable services to the for-profit sector.

The poor communities we serve already embrace entrepreneurship and have developed thriving micro-economies of small businesses serving local needs. Our goal is to connect these forgotten communities to new opportunities in international markets through the Internet.

Target Launch Date: November 2009

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Global Social Ventures
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