Adopt A Village Program

Adopt A Village Program

GIVE worked with I Create, an Indian NGO, to “adopt” low-income villages in India targeted for entrepreneurship training and support.

I Create, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Integrated Entrepreneurship Training and seed money to aspiring entrepreneurs and disadvantaged communities in India. I Create has grown into a national organization with regional centers in the East, West, North and South of India, training over 25,000 people in introductory entrepreneurship training and employability skills.

I Create conducts Aspiring Entrepreneurship Workshops (2000 have been trained with 750 entrepreneurs created), trains skills trainers to work with program participants, and conducts business plan competitions. By leveraging their programs through existing schools, colleges and NGOs, over 25,000 people have received introductory level training in entrepreneurship and business employability skills.

GIVE partnered with I Create to expand and enhance its programs in low-income villages in Northern India’s Jaipur region. Our focus is training low-income women and youth in entrepreneurship and helping them develop viable businesses that can compete in local economies.

This program targets villages and low-income urban areas in I Create’s four Regions, providing entrepreneurship training, health camps and adult literacy classes to women and youth in selected village High Schools and provides seed money to aspiring entrepreneurs.

One example is the Palri Meena Village Project for Disadvantaged Women and Youth, based in a village (population of 12,500) comprised of former slum dwellers displaced during the beautification of Jaipur.

This program helps women and youth develop marketable skills that take advantage of their growing local economy.

In Palri Meena, we helped over a hundred women and youth who have received entrepreneurship training, and 35 women who have received seed money, start their own small businesses in promising local industries, including artificial jewelry and garment making, beauty parlor work, and mobile phone, air conditioner and refrigerator service and repairs. These skills help entrepreneurs take advantage of local economic opportunities in Jaipur and surrounding areas.

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