Our Approach

The Global Initiative to Advance Entrepreneurship (GIVE) was founded to address the growing problem of global poverty in the developing world. GIVE works to reduce global poverty by using a unique multi-faceted approach to advance entrepreneurship and reduce the rate of global poverty.

GIVE achieves its goals by:

Social Entrepreneurship. Around the world, the fastest-growing segment of society is the nonprofit sector, as millions of ordinary people -- social entrepreneurs -- are increasingly stepping in to solve problems where governments and bureaucracies have failed.

Business-Oriented Non-Profit Ventures. GIVE initiates earned-income ventures in partnership with nonprofit foundations and business partners. We strive to be entrepreneurial while fulfilling our organizational mission.

Cultivating Micro-Enterprise. GIVE initiates, develops, and supports microbusiness programs, and teaches entrepreneurship and small business skills to residents of countries.

Program Partners. Because we are a United States-based nonprofit with a global reach, we rely on international program partners to help us fulfill our mission and implement projects on the ground in countries where we operate.

Helping People Help Themselves. GIVE operates on the principle that global poverty is best eliminated when people are masters of their own economic destinies. Through entrepreneurship education, support and resources, GIVE helps people from low-income communities build skills, unlock their entrepreneurial potential, and enjoy a vision for their future.

Customizing Solutions to Local Conditions. We are committed to developing self-sustainability and directly empowering local communities to improve their own situations. We believe that permanent results can be achieved through local empowerment.

Creating a Global Network. GIVE seeks to inspire and facilitate a network of globally minded businesses that are willing to contribute to GIVE projects. There are many things that almost any successful business can do to help others in need, from mentoring an entrepreneur in another country to helping a small, local operation open new markets abroad. GIVE seeks to link businesses, both large and small, into a network that facilitates business alliances around the world. With the Internet, this is entirely possible.

Bali Diver - KetutWin/Win Partnerships. GIVE's members and project partners are drawn from the small business, corporate, and nonprofit sectors. We forge global alliances with individuals, businesses, and organizations that have a stake in targeted communities. At the heart of GIVE's approach is a commitment to establishing mutually beneficial joint ventures between entrepreneurs, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Twenty-First Century Marketing. GIVE addresses today's tough new global business climate by bringing cutting- edge marketing and public relations to the service of our projects and program partners. Our approach is action-oriented, not theoretical. GIVE is comprised of leading business experts in marketing, public relations, management and product development. We conduct media training and consulting to support our partners and programs.

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Our Approach
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